Daily Review #26

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Traditionally, our education system assumes 2 things:

1. We learn by looking at others’ conclusions (formulas)

Wrong, we can’t learn unless we use our brain to find the why behind those conclusions.

2. We learn at the same pace

Wrong, we have to adapt to the pace of the majority, but sometimes this can be unhealthy and ineffective (higher level of stress, anxiety, memorization, cheating).

A solution to this would be a mastery-based + practice-oriented education system, which means:

  1. Focusing on the fundamentals
  2. Integrating concepts
  3. Introducing more real problems to the classroom
  4. Digitalizing so that the needs of every student are observed more closely (so that no one is left behind)
  5. Working with various levels of comfort and distractions


Letting your ego drive your thoughts is a blind spot.

Generally, you don’t want to assume or judge the position of others based on where you are standing.

Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (~100 Models Explained) — Farnam Street

Second-order thinking

the subsequent effects of our actions and their immediate consequences


Flip the problem around and think backward.




Student and Developer in Tirana, Albania

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Redjon Zaci

Redjon Zaci

Student and Developer in Tirana, Albania

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