Daily Review #25

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  • Read it again
  • Find and remove the distractions
  • Write what you understand, ask about what you don’t
  • If distracted, take a break until you feel better and then get back to work
  • Make a schedule for the work to be done and review it a couple times — Enio
  • Don’t overwork yourself


15 Harsh Psychology Truths — Adam Lane Smith | Modern Wisdom Podcast 310

When in doubt, think about what they would be attracted to 10000 years ago.

Ideas for guys from the video:

  • Solve problems
  • Master emotions
  • Go to gym
  • Lead


People will try to drag you down to their level of behavior. Keep your position and let them come to you instead.


Master communication and you will never lack anything. Communication is what makes everything better in self-esteem, relationships and business. The right tone of communication might be encouraging.




Student and Developer in Tirana, Albania

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Redjon Zaci

Redjon Zaci

Student and Developer in Tirana, Albania

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