Daily Review #11

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Things are just the way they are.

But we don’t see things, we see the perception of them.


Understanding. Representation. Perspective.

To be a programmer, you need to understand a problem deeply.

Then you need to represent it in a way that a computer can understand it and that others can collaborate with you.

Last, you need to be open to the world around you. To the change, to the different opinions, to challenges.


If everything was free, what would motivation look like? Would it have value?

If noone was around to appreciate what you do, would you still do the right thing?


Culture is defined by the behaviors that you reward. — Cloudflare CPO

This definition of culture is relatable to the culture of every organization, including the society as a whole.

Even the culture of your social circle, relationship or family is defined by the behaviors you expect others to have and what they expect of you.

Expectation = reward




Student and Developer in Tirana, Albania

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Redjon Zaci

Redjon Zaci

Student and Developer in Tirana, Albania

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