Daily Review #1

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  • Reinforce bonds
  • Boost happiness


The best way to minimize a fear is to face it.

For example, I fear phone calls (?), but I made like 10 of them last night.

Now I am like: “Hand me that phone”. 😂


Take a deep breath and then think before reacting.


Having less means you have more space for growth and creativity.

Less as in less things and less negativity.

Three Theories for Why You Have No Time

Better technology, higher expectations, more work.

Work expands to fill the available time. — Parkinson’s Law

We are victims of the curse of want.

Test Anxiety

Do we consider test anxiety as a disadvantage to some students? If not, since tests have a huge importance, does that make our evaluation system broken?


We need a little distance from the day-to-day grind in order to check the direction we’re going. We also need to give our brains a break to let it do some asynchronous processing. — Sam Julien

Types of breaks:

  • Do nothing
  • Do what you enjoy


Gjerat e pamundura jane per njerezit e forte.
— Iliri drejtuar Arbanes,
Big Brother Vip




Student and Developer in Tirana, Albania

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Redjon Zaci

Redjon Zaci

Student and Developer in Tirana, Albania

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